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Selling with RefCheck FAQ

How do I sell with RefCheck?

Selling with RefCheck is easy! Create an account on our Seller Portal to sell with us! Send your item to us for verification when it sells as a verified seller or right away to sell on consignment for you! Learn more below.

How do I sell with RefCheck as a verified seller?

  1. Create an account on our Seller Portal.

  2. Submit the items you want to sell for our team to review and approve for listing. Claim a realistic, accurate and honest condition according to our RefCheck Grading standards to pass our protocol for buyer protection. Click here to learn how to accurately list your condition.

  3. Your items are then made available on our website. 

  4. Once your items sell, deliver your items for verification, and we send you a shipping label for inspection and verification (see details below). Sellers must ship their piece within 3 business days from when the sale is made.

  5. You get paid via Venmo, PayPal, CashApp, Crypto (minus gas fees), ACH/Wire, or check by mail. After we verify it's authentic and in the correct condition. If the condition is verified by our team in the physical inspection to be any lower than the claimed category on the listing read below about what happens!

When must Verified Sellers ship their items after the sale is made?

Sellers must ship their piece within 3 business days from when the sale is made.

How do I accurately list my condition?

When listing your piece as a verified seller, you must claim the category of the condition for each piece according to our Grading Standards. When we receive your piece for grading once the sale is made, we will send the results to your buyer if the grading is lower than your claimed category. The buyer has the choice to accept, deny or negotiate the price one time. If the price is negotiated and the seller doesn't accept, he will receive a strike on the platform. After receiving three strikes, you will be removed from the platform.

When you list your piece, we will interject if an item is significantly falsely portrayed to avoid inaccurate listings. You may email us at for assistance.

What happens if an item doesn't pass through the buyer protection verification protocol?

As a verified seller, it's your responsibility to accurately and honestly identify all flaws on your piece before verification.

Pieces that reach a final verification of at least 0.75 points lower than the virtual verification claimed by the seller or are listed as mint condition and come in with a flaw observe the following protocol by the buyer. The buyer has the choice to cancel and request a refund, continue to accept the order, or you can negotiate a lower price for the purchase with the seller for a 48-hour timed window, and they must respond within 48 hours to initiate the process. If the buyer does not respond within the 48 hours, the sale will continue, and the piece will be shipped to the buyer. If a price is settled within the time period, the deal continues. If a price isn't agreed upon, the buyer is refunded, the seller pays for shipping back to their location + $25 fee, and the seller receives a strike on our platform.

How do I sell with RefCheck on consignment?

Selling with RefCheck is easy!

  1. Create an account on our Seller Portal.

  2. Submit the items you want to consign for our team to review and approve. Submit items here.

  3. Deliver your items to RefCheck for inspection and verification by shipping them in (see details below).

  4. Your items are then made available on our website. We store your items until a sale is made.

  5. Once your item sells, you get paid via Venmo, PayPal, CashApp, Crypto (minus gas fees), ACH/Wire, or check by mail!

What are the fees?

Our fees charged at sale are as follows:

Sales price of 
$0-$2,500 is a 10% fee
$2500.01-$5,000 is a 9% fee
$5,000.01 and up is an 8% fee


RefCheck covers the shipping for pieces listed by verified sellers with insurance for the amount the piece sells for $750 and above. Sellers who sell their pieces for under $750, we split the shipping cost of the label we will email you.

You can drop off items under $1500 at your local UPS store, and for all shipments over $1500, the item must be dropped off at a UPS Customer Care Center. You may also schedule a pickup from UPS for your shipment for an additional cost.

Pieces that arrive at us dirty will be charged a $20 extra cleaning fee. Pieces that arrive to us with major discrepancies in the condition that fail to pass our verification process will also be charged a $25 fee + shipping for failing to send the piece in the claimed condition from the listing.

Consignment Fees

Sell your piece on consignment with RefCheck and our Verified Retailers!

When you place your piece on consignment with RefCheck's storage facility, seller fees remain the same as the standard seller fees below:

Sales price of 
$0-$2,500 is a 10% fee
$2500.01-$5,000 is a 9% fee
$5,000.01 and up is an 8% fee

Pieces sold on consignment must be sent & paid by the seller. Pieces on consignment in a Verified Shop will also be listed online with RefCheck. To place a piece on consignment with a Verified Retailer, submit your piece for listing and select consignment with a Verified Retailer. Fees are as follow for placing your shop in a Verified Retailer shop:

Sales price of 
$0-$2,500 is a 20% fee
$2500.01-$5,000 is a 19% fee
$5,000.01 and up is an 18% fee

How long does it take for my submission to be reviewed?

Submissions typically take 1-3 business days to be reviewed. You will receive an email once your ticket has been reviewed by our team.

What if the glass breaks?

We are as experienced as it gets when it comes to handling, packaging and shipping glass, but crazy s**t happens, right?

For that reason, all of our products are fully insured during shipping, and we encourage and require all buyers to film an unboxing video to submit a refund for broken glass. All of our packages are insured by UPS, and a claim will be submitted for review.

Sellers with pieces for sale on consignment with us will be paid out the listing price they submitted for the piece if, for any reason, RefCheck inflicts damage to the glass, while we would continue to list the piece under our own terms if the seller chooses to get paid out.

My submission is approved, now what?

Once your submission is approved, you can let us know if you need a shipping label and boxing materials, and our team will send the needed items. Next, you can print your label, attach it to the box, and ship it to our facility!

How do I delete my listing?

How long does it take to process and list my items once received?

Once we confirm receipt of your items, you can expect to see your items listed on-site within 3-5 business days. Any items not accepted by our team during the inspection process will be returned at your cost.

How will I know if my items are listed for sale?

All of your listed items will be under the Commissions tab on your seller portal.

How do I adjust prices on my products?

If you would like to change the price of any item, click here.

How long does it take to receive payment?

Payments usually take 3-5 business days to process. Please ensure your payment method on file is correct to prevent any delays.

How can I request my item back?

Withdrawal requests are fulfilled within 14 days. Inventory must be listed with us for at least 7 days before a request can be submitted. A custom shipping charge will be applied for requesting items back based on dimensions, weight and origin/destination.

In the event, your item sells before we are able to process the withdrawal, you will receive your agreed upon pay-out value once the sale is confirmed and a refund of your shipping charge. Please email us at to submit the request.

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