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Buy and Sell Authentic Glass

Providing the most elevated trading experience.


List your piece with us
Send in for verification when your item sells or sell with us on consignment
Get paid after your piece is verified or right away if it's consignment


Purchase your piece
Your piece is verified and cleaned
You receive your piece safely


100% safe and verified trades.

Selling with RefCheck

Sell on Consignment

Sell on Consignment

"I'll send my glass now and send me the payment when it sells"

Send your piece in for immediate sale or for private sale.


We clean your piece if needed, then list it for sale.


Get paid when your piece sells.

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Become a Verified Seller

"List my glass on the site now, but I'll send it for verification when it sells"

List your piece for sale or private sale online.


Send us your glass when your item sells to verify the condition.


Get paid after your piece is verified.


Are you a retailer? Learn more about selling with RefCheck!

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Sell Your Way

Sell with us on consignment or as a Verified Seller from your location.

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Shipping's on Us

We send you an insured shipping label for the value of your piece if it's over $750 when it's time to ship. We even offer at-home pick-up for high-value packages!

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RefCheck Clean

Each piece is cleaned with a standard soak and other stain removal methods if needed to get your piece looking as best as possible!

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Get Paid

You get paid as soon as the buyer's payment processes, and we verify your glass! Get paid via PayPal, Venmo, CashApp, ACH, or in any Cryptocurrency!

Mothership Glass

Buy Authentic Glass

The Most Exclusive Collection

All items sold on our marketplace are carefully authenticated and graded before it reaches the buyer to ensure a flawless purchase.

Illadelph Glass
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Verified Authenticity and Condition

Used items sold on our marketplace pass through our team of authenticators to inspect and grede each piece to ensure you know the condition of your piece before receiving it. Our Verified Retailers are known as reliable and prominent shops in the community.

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Buy Now, Place Offers, and Auction

Immediately buy glass on our site, or place an offer at the price you want to pay on pieces for sale and private sale. We will send you updates on the offer acceptance, denial or negotiation.

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Clean Glass

Used items are cleaned during our verification process with a 710 "glass cleaner" rinse and other stain removal methods when needed.

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Instant Shipping

All items sold on consignment and with our Verified Retailers are available for Instant shipping!

Buying with RefCheck

Buy Now or Submit Offer

Buy now or submit an offer for the listing at a price you choose.

Authenticate Glass

Glass on consignment or from a retailer will be shipped to you instantly! If your piece is from a Verified Seller, we grade and clean it for you if needed. If the piece has flaws not disclosed in the listing, a 48-hour negotiation window is allotted for a renegotiation, and if a price isn't agreed upon, you're refunded.

Receive Glass

Receive your glass upon a successful verification!

Authentication Search

Search for your authentication record.


Trade Your Glass! 

Elevate your trading experience.

Choose Service Level

Send the pieces in for verification, and we'll cover your shipping with insurance. Select a flat-rate service level to get started for each piece.

Verify Glass

We'll verify your glass.

Receive Verified Glass

Each piece will be sent to its new owners. If cash is involved in the transaction, a 3.5% payment processing fee is charged.


RefCheck Trades

Buy with trust. Sell with ease.

Send each piece to us for verification, and we'll authenticate and grade each piece in the trade and update both collectors. Upon approval, the pieces will be sent to their new owners. Pricing correlates each service level with a maximum declared value which covers insured shipping both ways for the service level you choose.

Maximum Estimated Value
Authentication Price

Our Authentication Process

Grading Scale

Our team of experts created the first and most trusted glass grading system. With over 45+ combined years of collecting glass, we’ve consulted with thousands of the members of the glass community for a unique and trusted grading scale intended for reliability, consistency, and transparency.

Our grading scale is out of 5 points with the classifications below:

D5: DeadStock Mint

VD5: Virtual DeadStock Mint


5: Mint
4.75-4.99: Excellent
4.5-4.74: Very Good
4-4.49: Good
3.5-3.99: Fair
3-3.49: Near Poor
2.5-2.99: Poor

2-2.49: Near Very Poor

1-1.99: Very Poor
0-0.99: Unacceptable


Conditions and intensifiers that determine

the score of your glass.


  • A DeadStock Mint (D5) is glass that is authentic, has never seen water or been used, and is authenticated in hand.

  • Virtual DeadStock Mint (VD5) is glass that is authentic, has never seen water or been used, and is pre-authenticated by the artist or verified sellers to be new and authentic. Pre-authenticated glass from verified sellers on the marketplace will be fully authenticated by our team before receiving your item.

  • A mint (5) represents glass that is virtually perfect. There are no chip/crack, scratches/flee bites, label fades, or staining on the glass.

  • Anything between a 4.75-4.99 (excellent) is a near-perfect piece. It may contain a minuscule amount of damage to the glass. This can include minuscule scratches/flee bite, chip/crack, label fades, and staining.

  • A very good condition (4.5-4.74) represents an item that may have more than one minuscule damage to the glass or one slight condition to the glass, including a chip/crack, water stain, label condition, or bloom.

  • Good condition (4-4.49) represents glass with one major flaw or a couple of intermediate flaws and minuscule/slight flaws.

  • Fair condition (3.5-3.99) is glass that may have one major flaw and most likely an intermediate/slight flaws.

  • Near Poor condition (3-3.49) glass may have multiple major flaws and potentially other flaws that may range from minuscule to intermediate. Pieces in this category are borderline in poor condition.

  • Poor condition (2.5-2.99) glass has multiple major flaws allowing the piece to visually appear it has endured damage over its lifetime.

  • Near Very Poor condition (2-2.49) glass will have at least 3 to 4 major flaws. A piece in this condition may start losing a visual appeal to the eye.

  • Very poor condition (1-1.99) is glass that has at least 4 major flaws and another minuscule or intermediate flaw on the glass. The glass has gone through advanced stages of wear and tear it barely has an appeal to the eye.

An unacceptable condition (0-0.99) is in the worst condition possible failing to meet an acceptable standard. It will have at least 5 major flaws with at least another minuscule to an intermediate flaw. The glass has advanced defects that the glass has lost the eye appeal entirely.

We use qualifiers to signify a condition or characteristic of glass that meets all the criteria for a particular grade but fails the standard in one area.



  • Tool Marks (TM): A mark on the glass from the pinching of a tool used during the production of the glass.

  • Repaired (R): Glass that has been repaired and has lost its originality from its original production.

  • Marks (M): Any miscellaneous marks that may appear on glass.

  • Downstem stuck (DS): When a downstem is stuck in the joint.

  • Air bubble (AB): When the glass has a natural air bubble from production.

  • RefCheck Vintage (V): Signifies vintage glass that is 10+ years old.

  • Impurity (I): When there is an impurity in the boro appearing to be as a black spec.

  • Removed Label (RL): When a piece was originally made with a label, but the label was removed.

  • Missing Piece (MP): When something that was attached to the glass has been removed or detached from the piece such as a millie or opal.

Verify Condition
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